Saturday, 7 August 2010

Me in the making...

Where do I start! In the life of one person no matter how long they've lived on the earth so far, many things will have happened for them; good and bad. Births, deaths, new experiences, new jobs, lost jobs, new friends, love gained, love lost, drink, drugs, reform, celebration; the list is endless.

I could reel off a whole account of what I remember in the 23 years that I've been on this earth but I don't want to bore you. But what I will say for my first ever blogging entry is that the journey of my life has been one full of suprises, joys and hard lessons. Something that most people will find in their lives. But on this journey I was never lonely or without purpose. Whether people failed me or stuck by me, annoyed me or consoled me, whether I found an encouraging friend in my time of need, or no one to turn to in my times of sorrow; God was there guiding me in the purposes for my life.
He was there because Jesus made that available to us; before Jesus, our distance from God would have prevented this.
In my blogs I hope to just impart to you some of the life lessons that our loving Father God has taught me. May be you will be able to relate.

For now I'm signing off...
Many Blessings!

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